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Atindra Naskar - Head Chef


With extensive knowledge in all aspects of the catering industry, Atin was trained in Mumbai (India) and has had the opportunity to hone his skills in prestigious establishments across the UK, in Cardiff, York, Carlisle and Newcastle as well as cooking for MP's at the House of Commons for the annual Tiffin Cup in 2013.


Andrej Pulko - Kitchen Assistant 

Originally from Slovakia, Andrej has worked in various Indian Restaurants in the North East of England. He brings a vibrant energy to the team which translates to the overall aura of our establishment. 


Rak TheWham - Restaurant strongman

Hailing from Rizzario, Rak was raised among wolves and bears, and is known for his immense strength. Undoubtedly, the strongest man in the Northern Hemisphere. Having graduated from Cambridge, top of his class, in Rizzics and Rizziology. His game is unmatched.  His broad, wing like back is easily recognisable from miles afar. Not just a warrior,hes a hero, a true embodiment of power. 

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